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Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

Is teeth whitening harmful? Does teeth whitening help or hurt you teeth? Many are under the impression that this is not good for your health. So what’s the verdict?

The reality is, it depends what method you use. There are tons of products out there to white the teeth. Here is a review of the four most popular methods:

#1) Over the counter products

These can definitely harm your teeth, even if you are careful. A lot of them contain harsh ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide or aluminum oxide. These work by getting rid of the stained enamel. However, it might not be the healthiest solution. These ingredients tend to wear down the teeth enamel. Another side effect is that they can make your teeth very sensitive. Even the outside temperature can affect them. Also, some people have reported experiencing a sharp pain in their tooth after using store bought products. The only remedy is to get an expensive dental procedure. So these products are often quite effective, but they have dangers as well.

#2) Make your own solution This might be even more dangerous than getting an over the counter product. If you use the wrong percentage of each ingredient, you can experience something called “chemical burn”. Needless to say, if you aren’t an expert you should steer clear of doing this. That’s not to say you can’t make your own solution. However, if you do you should use natural ingredients, and not abrasive substances.

#3) Laser treatment This produces all the same side effects as the over the counter products. It’s not any more dangerous, but for the expensive price you would expect it to be more effective. You might have to get it redone at some point.

#4) Natural solutions These don’t produce the long term negative effects the above two products do. This is because the ingredients are much less harsh. What are the best natural ingredients? Orange peels, lemon juice, and strawberries are often quite effective. However, again you need to be careful. This is because the acidic levels in these can cause tooth decay. Just don’t overdo them.

So is there any risk free method of getting whiter teeth? Yes there is. It involves making lifestyle changes, like eating healthier foods. Eating a lot of food coloring is a guaranteed way to cause discoloration. Instead, you want to focus on eating lots o fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. This is nature’s toothbrush. Also, make sure to brush consistently. The bottom line is, every tooth whitening product on the market today has inherent risks. The only guaranteed method that works free of side effects. Implement these changes and you should have whiter teeth soon.

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