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Should I Let My Child Whiten Their Teeth?

Should kids get their teeth whitened or not?

This is a question many people are wondering. Many people are becoming more worried about kids using teeth whitening products. There are even kids seven to ten that are now using them.

One of the reasons people think teeth whitening might be necessary is that the new teeth that come in are less white than the baby teeth. However, this is true for everyone. Therefore, it should not be a reason to get anything done. Only in the case of severe discoloration should it even be considered.

What are the risks?

If they get it done too early, over the counter products can cause some very negative side effects. They can make their teeth much more sensitive, and might even severely hurt the teeth and gums. This is because younger kids tend to have more sensitive teeth. Also, another thing to think about is that the teeth have not fully grown in yet. Therefore, the bleaching agent won’t reach all the enamel, because some of it hasn’t even grown in yet. This means that when it does fully appear, one part of it will be whiter than the other.

So the majority of the products sold over the counter should be avoided for any kids less than twelve. This would include whitening strips, gels, pens with mouth guards, etc. However, most toothpastes and mouth washes are okay. Just be certain to look at the label before using anything. Generally it will specify how old they need to be to use it. And even if an over the counter product is safe, it might not be ideal for them to use.

In reality, it’s generally lifestyle changes that will make the biggest differences. Watch what they eat. Get them to watch their diet, and have them eliminate anything with coloring. Also, make sure they brush their teeth on a consistent basis. Taking this approach is actually the best method to whiten anyone’s teeth, not just kids. So the only time teeth whitening could hurt is if the kids use over the counter products.

By focusing on longer term solutions like lifestyle changes, this won’t be an issue. In fact, it should prevent them from ever having to buy a store bought product. The bottom line is, you probably should steer clear of store bought products. Instead, have your kids develop healthier habits. This is how to give them healthy white teeth for the rest of their life, as well as help them to be healthy overall.

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